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(Rev 10/2023) Jim Says: TRYING TO LIVE with your HEAD IN THE SAND - never works out well!

Updated: Oct 12

This podcast is from Steven Bartlett - the Diary of a CEO - and his guest is Mo Gawdat - an Egyptian entrepreneur and writer -- Mo is the former chief business officer of GOOGLE X and the author of Solve for Happy and Scary Smart - both available on Amazon -- I got the Kindle/Audible pair - fun and convenient to switch back and forth when reading/listening! Here is STEVEN BARTLETT'S Wikipedia Profile Here is MO GAWDAT'S Wikipedia Profile Here is MO GAWDAT'S "EMERGENCY EPISODE" PRESENTATION ON AI Here is the Wikipedia article on the original Ancient Greek Trojan Horse story

Here is a selection of CURRENT AI YouTube videos - giving us a VERY broad and helpful view of what has been -- and IS NOW -- going on with AI and ROBOTS and related matters. CHECK THEM ALL OUT. ONLY TAKES A SHORT TIME. YOU/WE MIGHT AS WELL KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON! ALSO -- watch the AMAZING FINAL SCENE OF RIDLEY'S SCOTT'S 1982 BLADE RUNNER MOVIE and RUTGER HAUER'S COMMENTS ON THAT SCENE - 30 years later.

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