SUCCESS in life

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Chet Baker and Halima (his second wife)

at Redondo Beach CA 1955

photo by William Claxton

Chet Baker had this to say about Success:

"Discover what you love to do...

then do it better than anyone else!"


that he followed his own advice!

For Example - the song

"Alone Together"

Chet never "practiced" with his horn...

he just PLAYED

He preferred songs with great lyrics

(like this one)

He played/sung those lyrics through his horn

He didn't need to "over-improvise"

He kept it PURE and SIMPLE and MAGICAL

His playing...

and singing...

ALWAYS drew us through a special doorway

into a Magical Realm

where ALL was Wonderful

was Perfect...

for a little while

"Alone Together" - 1932

Arthur Schwartz (Mus)

Harold Dietz (Lyr)

Introduced in the 1932 Broadway Show -- "Flying Colors"

From the album "Chet" - on Riverside Records - recorded 1959 in NYC

Chet Baker (Tr)

Pepper Adams (BariSax)

Herbie Mann (Fl)

Paul Chambers (B)

"Philly" Joe Jones (Dm)

Bill Evans (P)

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