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Updated: Nov 15, 2021


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OK here we go... I've included many Sant Andreu Jazz Band (SAJB) files (they're already quite a special organization... not long ago they OPENED for the "Jazz at Lincoln Center Summer Competition Festival") ALL thanks to the magical teaching/mentoring/support/playing of Joan Chamorro... and the MANY young artists who he is helping to FLOWER... into the FULLNESS of WHOEVER / WHATEVER they ARE FOR EXAMPLE: the violinist -- Elia Bastida who started playing at 3 and at 23 with the amazing USA jazz player -- Scott Hamilton does "The Nearness of You" SO beautifully they ALWAYS give me the shivers! For starters ACCESS THESE FILES USING YOUR FAVORITE INTERNET BROWSER... rather than getting into downloading your own Dropbox program IT'S A HUGE FILE -- BEST ACCESSED ON A LAPTOP or PC Using this approach you can alternate between a Tab for the Dropbox links in this email and a Tab for the Dropbox files themselves You can comment on my Dropbox files noting any artists you'd like to see/hear more of and I'll make more files available to you

via Edits to this site <<< >>>

To kick things off... here's Elia and Scott and the Joan Chamorro group playing "The Nearness of You" in Joan's little HOUSE... (creative people make the MAGIC with what they've GOT to work/play with -- be it much or little!) 2019 the nearness of you ÈLIA BASTIDA MEETS SCOTT HAMILTON ( & JOAN CHAMORRO TRIO ).mp4 Shared with Dropbox

<<< >>>

Here's another thing that's fascinating: CHILD LABOR But NOT the kind of endless mind-numbing repetitious futureless soul-murdering LABOR/WORK that has been banned in many countries yet still exists in some NO this is a kind of Child-Labor-of-LOVE look at the proud and excited expressions on the young boys... and their MAX-EFFORTS to get the job done... EQUAL already to much of what their dads and uncles and neighbors are doing as they HELP the men not just WATCH or otherwise MESS-AROUND (endlessly clicking their smart phones... as they wait for their moms... to drive them to soccer practice) by the time these Pakistani boys reach 16 they'll be able to open their OWN shops... nearby... down the street... perhaps SPECIALIZING in a certain type of repairs: frame-bending

diesel fuel pump repairing/rebuilding hydraulics engine rebuilding etc? or be able to take over their dads' shops... when they quit AND READY AND ABLE -- SOON -- TO MARRY AND START THEIR OWN FAMILY Finger face the flywheel in a very strange way amazing thing Technology.mp4 Shared with Dropbox <<< >>>

SOMETHING NEW -- some MUSIC from SASHA MERKULOV and from ME here is my Dhol drum made by craftspeople VERY near where the Pakistan Truckers work

my drum came from the Rajasthan Desert area in India where the Kalbelia Gypsies came from... and still live (LOTS about those gypsies in my DANCE section below) this style of drum appears ALL over the world for celebrations -- like marriages community dancing religious trance-inducing singing and dancing sporting events political rallies and protests IT GETS PEOPLE UP AND GOING AND MOVING i played this type drum with the West-Africans for ten years 1995-2005 our main venue was the Africa Section in front of the Monkey House in the Cleveland Metropark Zoo every other Sunday afternoon here are my Djun Djun drums (low-medium-high tuned)

that we played during our Celebrations at the Zoo and elsewhere

my fellow drummer -- alex wedmedyk -- built the drums and I forged and welded the frames (my own special design -- the steel rims only touched the shell of the drum...

not the skin the Africans loved them! they sounded incredible...

and were very easy to play for long sessions i donated them to some drummers/singers/dancers from Ghana who were living and playing in the South side of Chicago after having gone bankrupt with my wife and losing our big colonial on 1.6 acres the storage lockers in the picture were a godsend! it took me ages to "downsize" and give-away the things that we were allowed to keep after our bankruptcy but we found good homes for all of them "Living With an Open Heart" can be a dangerous way to go but the ONLY way I believe if you're a "Light-Bringer" if you're one of the RADIANT ONES just GO FOR IT with everything you've GOT traveling the WAY that's YOURS ALONE the UNIVERSE and KARMA

will take care of the rest

and here's an example of this type drum-playing (the Africa-version Sicily is just over the water from North Africa) from VERY COURAGEOUS Sicilian musicians PROTESTING THE VILE INFLUENCE OF THE MAFIA in their lives i plan to be doing some similar community-energy-raising drumming sessions this summer/fall (with additional rhythm instruments for a few music-making-pals) down by the Stone Cabin on the Greenwood Boulevard maybe you'd like to join us? it'll be a blast! here's the song: "Quanno Moru... Faciti ca nu moru" Italian translation: "When I die... don't say a mass for me... but remember your friend" LOVELY thoughts for sure! and here is ME playing my Dhol drum ALONG WITH and ON TOP OF the wonderful INDIAN FUSION music of Sasha Merkulov originally from Latvia and now VERY happily living and making-music in Israel the song is: "Don't Tell Me" maybe it'll get you... and/or some pals... up and dancing? i hope it will! this Indian Fusion music is MUCH like the wonderful American Fusion Music from the band "Weather Report" starting in the early 70s and continuing for over a decade BOTH kinds of "FUSION" music busted ALL kinds of good things loose! <<< >>>

and on the subject of...

DRUMMING and DANCE and SONG check out these links to amazing artists from different parts of the world who come from different traditions and practices yet are CONNECTED.... amazingly all one HEART one SOUL one SPIRIT

"PEOPLE GOTTA MOVE" as Gino Vannelli says...

sings.. to us <<< >>> <<< >>>

and here's my BASIC Dropbox collection LOTS of goodies here... to listen and re-listen to! If you're gonna be listening from a smartphone or iPad/tablet please use high quality earbuds or headphones or play back through a high-quality stereo system to get the full effect. This stuff is too beautiful! I started playing music at 6 -- classical piano. In my 40s I discovered jazz drumming. In my 50s I discovered West African drumming ... and dance ... and singing. (As you might know, I played with my West African pals for 10 years...

Celebrating all over northeastern Ohio) In my 60s I discovered Latin and Middle Eastern drumming. Finally -- now -- in my 70s I love mixing and matching all these styles And instruments Into MY way of drumming. (It keeps the light shining in my eyes!) And to playing-along with my favorite artists On YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp etc. My goal for 2021 Is to RECORD my playing Along with the audio version Of some of this music. It took a QUITE a while to discover that I'M A RHYTHM-PLAYER A Support-Player In music... And in Life The only time I'm a LEAD-PLAYER Is when I TEACH Which works out well Especially these days when I'm a "WANDERING TEACHER" Teaching/Sharing/Inspiring/Motivating However And Wherever I can What's a creative life Without some challenging And joyful Goals? <<< >>>

My dad was a piano player and had a small dance-band -- "The Sparklets" That played in the Midwest during the big band era. Truly, he was what I think of as a LIGHT-BRINGER Helping the SPIRIT to shine in peoples' lives. He was too old -- in his mid-30s when WWII started And only about 120# But he wanted to serve Yet none of the branches would take him! Until he managed to convince the US Coast Guard To do so They put him on a hospital ship Sailing the South Pacific As a Chaplain's Mate A Perfect Role for him! Where his ALWAYS-UPBEAT And ALWAYS-RADIANT Nature Could SHINE As he tried to comfort and inspire The wounded warriors In his charge Both he and my mom married late for the times (1940s) -- he at 39 and she at 35. They'd already had full and fulling lives before they married ... but they wanted more! And they got it! Dad lived until 91 and Mom until 103, finishing out their final decades in Greenwood Village Ohio's first PUD (Planned Unit Development) Having moved in during the early 1970s, when Greenwood began. Greenwood is now 50 years old And constantly getting better! I'm proud to be one of the Trustees With ]ten years of service And counting I plan to do some small-scale play-along drumming soon With a few (socially-distanced) friends Beside "Marshall Lake" The lake at Greenwood Named after the Marshall Family (Providing Cleveland with a line of Marshall Drug stores) Who started a family compound In the early 1900s On the 1000 acres That is now Greenwood Village Below is the music I grew up with ... from my dad. He played his beautiful Knabe baby grand -- that he purchased new in 1923 -- until he died! That's the piano I learned to play on.

And this is the KIND of music I grew up with, played by the amazing Beegie Adair! My dad never played this beautifully, but he was pretty good. THIS is the kind of music people could listen to, while they talked lovingly with each other in a small club ... or the lounge of a great American hotel ... or that of a lowly motel ... before amps and loud guitars and screaming-into-the-mic destroyed the music and the vibe. Music they could be inspired and energized by ... to get them up and DANCING together, while they forgot the troubles-of-the-day for a few precious moments. I miss it! Here's a bit of Beegie and her Fellow Artists... If a big blue box comes up, from Dropbox, when you click the link, you can DELETE it by clicking on the X in the upper right corner. Something new! You can easily download my files to OTHER storage arrangements, like your smartphone or tablet or pc. I strongly recommend downloading this music to your usual play-back device, so you won't get those nasty PAUSES during online play-backs. I re-listen to this music all the time! It's about as far from "elevator music" as you can get! I'll have to study this new DB-storage thing. SO, music has been a vital and a constant part of my life, since I was a kid! These days I often play along with my favorite YouTube artists on my various drums and other instruments. Having Dropbox links handy ... and ever-present ... makes it fun and easy! I've got LOTS of music files ... and I'm getting more all the time. I've also got lots of "Wandering Teacher-type" stuff That I love to share, as well! For starters, I'll send you a few of my favorites Those that I listen to And re-listen to All the time! Here we go... <<< >>>

IRINA AKULENKO Being bi-polar, since about age 5 and taking lithium since 2003, I've always struggled with BALANCE. Much better these days. During my drum and dance times with the West Africans -- THEY were all crazy and they were happy to see ME that way too -- I was an out-of-balance mess. So glad those days are over! But although I'm now in good balance, I'll never even approach the amazing balance of IRINA AKULENKO, a dancer with World Dance New York. As above-noted, I'm sending you LINKS to my Dropbox files. You don't need a Dropbox account to use these links. If you've got one, it won't be affected in any way. You can... - ENJOY the music/video/text info - COMMENT on it - SHARE it - DOWNLOAD it or - DELETE it EnJOY... <<< >>>

XAVER VARNUS Here's a video that I recently discovered That I can't stop watching and re-watching! It's a performance by XAVER VARNUS (Age 39 at the time of this performance) Playing Bach's Great Fugue in G Minor In the Budapest Great Synagogue in October 2003 (The second largest synagogue in the world The largest being The Belz Great Synagogue in Jerusalem) A truly INSPIRING And RADIANT Space For coming-together... in PEACE JOY REVERENCE HOPE and LOVE (Exactly echoing the Greek origin Of the word synagogue: From the Greek synagein "To Bring Together") >>>

Hitler tried to destroy these people It didn't happen Certain forces are currently trying to destroy the best in US It won't happen either Anyone who can listen to this music And watch the faces Of the holocaust Survivors And the Descendants of those Survivors Without crying Needs TO GET THEIR HEART CHECKED 2003_Bach's Great Fugue in G Minor_played by XAVER VARNUS_in the Budapest -Hungary Great Synagogue.mp4 Shared with Dropbox ALSO, see what Governor Schwarzenegger had to say about this subject on 10 January 2021, right after the shocking and disgusting raid on our Nation's Capitol building - "The People's House": <<< >>>

GINO VANNELLI GINO VANNELLI was one of my favorite artists from the 70s. He has barely aged --

and his amazing singing has gotten even better! He comes from a musical, Italian family in Montreal. Check out his Wikipedia summary. Quite an artist! BE SURE to watch the "2019-Ten Minutes With - GINO VANNELLI" interview Hosted by Brian Kelsey In his garage-studio (Part of this Gino Vannelli link) Hey... Creative and Passionate people USE WHAT THEY'VE GOT to work with! (Both Apple and Amazon started in a garage!) But Enormous Talent Like Gino has got ISN'T ENOUGH To get someone onto the PATH And living the SPECIAL MAGIC They've been gifted with By the universe It takes MORE from such gifted people To get them HOME And sometimes they ALMOST miss their chance To SHINE Gino DIDN'T miss his chance But it was a VERY NEAR THING Watch and Listen to him tell you about it In this interview As I was doing so I remembered two of the Teachings Of the great teacher/writer/mythologist Joseph Campbell Every time I read a page or two Of ANYTHING he wrote (His words always SHIMMER with Light and Love) I spend the next week THINKING about it And the next MONTH Trying to LIVE it!

Your PATH "You enter the forest at the darkest point where there is no path. Where there is a way or path it is someone else's path. If you follow someone else's way you are not going to realize your full potential." Joseph Campbell "The Hero's Journey" Your BLISS "When you follow your bliss doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors And where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else." Joseph Campbell "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" Truer words were never written/spoken! And ALSO similar advice from CHET BAKER "If you want to be successful... Find something you LOVE to do... Then do it BETTER than ANYONE ELSE!" (Great -- that he followed his own advice!) Here's Gino.... <<< >>>

SANT ANDREU JAZZ BAND (SAJB) of Barcelona In 2006, a first-rate musician (sax - upright bass - voice) and teacher, Joan Chamorro, started a teaching and performance group in Barcelona -- the Sant Andreu Jazz Band -- with only a few kids and almost nothing else. Now, only a few years later, he's shown the world what can be done - as to teaching - and playing "America's Classical Music -- Jazz"! To SEE and HEAR what I'm talking about watch this short video that focuses on the evolution of the ARMENGOU sisters -- Alba and Elsa and on how the great teacher and musician Joan Chamorro Makes it Happen! I believe... Magic reveals itself best... In the Light of Passion and Love! Although it often takes a... LONG LOVE... to come forth... and Delight us! Fortunately Chamorro is Endlessly talented Endlessly loving And endlessly Patient! The SAJB was born on 2006 in the district of Sant Andreu in Barcelona. Driven and directed by Joan Chamorro The orchestra aims to educate children From 7 to 18 years old Both as musicians and as people. When they leave the project To make way for younger children Some continue as musicians And others don't But they all have learned to share... And above all... To believe in themselves! Watch this happen: And here is Alba Armengou (Voc-Tp) and fellow-SAJB artist, Rita Payes (Voc-Tb) in 2018 doing the American jazz classic, "Stolen Moments", after maturing in the SAJB for over 10 years! (Amazingly, these SABJ-evolved artists have been playing on stage for over 10 years, by the time they reach age 18!) And doing it with everything they've got... Confident to be... And to Celebrate... Who THEY are... With NO holding-back... And no concern over how Other artists might be creating Thus preserving and enriching this precious music... As the great... And always-unique... Jazz artists of the past and present... Have done and are doing! Who says world-class Jazz Music dead? The SAJB and its Past, Present and Future musicians think ... and prove ... otherwise! After watching the videos, then READ about the SAJB as outlined in the two articles from this link. The first music files will come in my next section. <<< >>>

ANDREA MOTIS - evolving through the SAJB Today, MANY of the artists that Joan Chamorro helped to develop, are doing world-class work -- world-wide! As an example, enjoy experiencing the development and evolution of ANDREA MOTIS, who started with the SAJB in 2010, when she was only 15! It always amazes me how mature and sensitive she was even then -- at only 15. I included another favorite artist -- BRIANA COWLISHAW - Australian -- who also does the bossa nova classic -- "Corcovado" -- for comparison. Andrea is now composing her own music -- see "Sense Pressa" from 2019 -- Music by Ignasi Terraza (P) and Lyrics by Andrea Motis (Voc and T)

And most-wonderfully

this song is from Andrea's 2019 album


(On the Other Side of the Blue)

on VERVE Records --

who also recorded some of the best jazz artists

of all time like

Bill Evans and Billie Holiday and Nina Simone

and many others

Thank You Andrea for

keeping the tradition alive and

for keeping it moving forward! So you'll know... Andrea had a successful birth of her child Shortly after recording "Blame It On My Youth" The father is... Austrian Violinist Christof Mallinger YES... May they have a great life together With their new baby Musical and Otherwise! <<< >>>

OTHER amazing and evolving young SAJB artists... (and a few established, world-class jazz artists, to compare them with) Who are continuing the evolution of the SABJ... Referred-to by everyone involved as a FAMILY... For REAL Where the Past, Present and Future artists Are ALWAYS WELCOME To return to the group To collaborate again And to stretch into And Celebrate Everyone's UNIQUE embodiment Of the MAGIC of this great music! Note: NONE of these artists... Evolving through the SABJ... Or otherwise in different times and places... Ever tries to "cut" or to outperform any other Rather... They play and sing their hearts out... Celebrating THEIR special way of performing... With everything they've got... Utterly confident in their abilities... And their "way" Never concerning themselves about being "different" but... ALWAYS... And ONLY... Sharing their magic... With that of other artists... To co-create something BEAUTIFUL... That will LAST... And will DELIGHT and INSPIRE people... FOREVER!

And here's a Special Section

for a Special Lady

who evolved through the SAJB

(as an acoustic bass player and singer)

and who is now evolving IN/ON HER OWN "WAY"

(as Joseph Campbell recommends)


from Barcelona

For comparison

I included the song "Tenderly"

as sung by Billie Holliday in 1951

who ALSO followed her own way/path

Magali's version is also

amazingly beautiful

but in a different way

You can see the seeds

of Magali's development

as a singer

in this 2015 version of the song

with the SAJB

and guest world-class saxophonist

Luigi Grasso

And NOW you can see the fullness of Magali...

of ALL of her...

as she's started to explode into her own...

totally unique...

creative self

just as Billie did

in HER own way

Magali released this series

of her new videos

during 2021

<<< >>>

BRIANA COWLISHAW of Australia (early work by her) Here's another beautiful song, sung by BRIANA, and composed by MARK ISAACS (on the piano), another Australian -- "You Never Forget Love" I've also included BRIANA singing "Corcovado" with the Stringspace Jazz Band from Australia.

<<< >>>

CHIC CHIC is an all-about-dancing group that started in the early 1970s -- Nile Rodgers (guitar) and Bernard Edwards (bass). An incredible musical combination. CHIC is playing today, with Rodgers as the sole remaining original member -- still encouraging people to GET UP AND DANCE. Sadly, Edwards died of pneumonia during the night of April 18, 1996, immediately following a concert at the Budokan in Tokyo. He wasn't feeling well going into the concert, but didn't want to cancel. He died doing what he loved! CHIC continues to honor him and his amazing ... and unique ... bass playing with their ongoing playing and touring. CHIC -- An example of "American Classical Music" for sure! Note especially, Rodgers' guitar playing. NOBODY plays like this -- both strong rhythm playing and a wicked melody playing -- at the same time! This is the playing that's necessary to get people dancing! Rodgers is currently playing the SAME Fender Stratocaster guitar he bought for a few hundred dollars during the early 1970s when he was worse-than-poor! Nothing was "normal" about it. But it's turned out to be perfect for Rodgers and his powerful and unique playing. Some years ago, Sony and other major musical companies and individuals, who had worked with Rodgers, made a rough calculation of how much money Rodgers had earned with that guitar -- the HITMAKER -- both directly (by himself) and indirectly (by other groups and individuals who have used and/or interpreted his powerful and unique music). Can you guess? Something like a decade ago it was already TWO BILLION DOLLARS. For real! And the clock is still running. His creativity knows no limits ... and his influence on other artists is immeasurable. <<< >>>

EARTH WIND & FIRE One of the greatest groups of all time! Maurice White started EW&F in 1969. They are still performing today, even after Maurice White died of Parkinson's complications in 2016. As CHIC was/is all about LOVE and the DANCE -- EW&F was/is all about LOVE and the SPIRIT. EnJOY the amazing music from BOTH of these great groups. NOTHING coming along these days to compare! <<< >>>

TONY BENNETT The last, still-great and singing in his nineties, jazz and pop singer -- Tony Bennett. Performing with beauty and grace and power for over 70 years now! His DUETS in recent years with world-class singers -- men and women -- are works of art. And he continues to get better! A model for us all. Enjoy these Bennett songs. Watch all three Amy Winehouse videos in sequence. Something, I venture, you'll never forget!


JONI MITCHELL She's a poet, a writer, a singer, a player and a painter. What more can you ask! Enjoy her marvelous song -- COYOTE, as performed with fellow master musicians, at the Santa Barbara County Bowl in 1979. Another example of the REAL music-making that was going on during those times. ALL these musicians are world-class and totally unique. Note especially, the conga playing of Don Alias. Not at all the usual Afro-Cuban style. Don learned on the streets of Brooklyn, NY. Once I saw him play on "Coyote", I switched my style to be more like his, and never looked back: FREE-POWERFUL-JOYFUL! Anyone who wanted to Could play this way too! Or in the direction of it... With some practice! Like my Greenwood Friends and I Will be doing soon... Next to the Marshall Lake... With my Dhol and other drums! <<< >>>

CAROL BURNETT SHOW Finally, one of the funniest comedy sketches I've ever seen! Beautifully written and performed. NOTE ALL THAT'S GOING ON IN COMPLETE SILENCE -- action, but no dialog. Here's proof that funny doesn't have to be filthy! How refreshing! <<< >>>

FATHER GUIDO SARDUCCI (Don Novello) From the 1980s... True then True now! Another hilarious example Of how something can be funny without being filthy! <<< >>>

STEVIE WONDER Here's a golden nugget from Stevie Wonder and Sting -- Sting's 1987 song "Fragile".

Tony Bennett lovingly refers to Stevie (in one of his Duets albums) as -- Stevie Wonderful"


A Creature from Another Planet...

A "Living International Treasure"... Watch Sting's reaction to Stevie's singing and playing near the end of Sting's song -- "Fragile" Beyond words... Nothing to be said about it... Pure Magic!

<<< >>>

Apocalypse HOPI Prophecy... As presented by Floyd "RED CROW" Westerman... A member of the Dakota Sioux tribe

As we all... KNOW... SAY... REPEAT... MAYBE-HONOR? MAYBE/PROBABLY DON'T HONOR! "Mother Nature has... And will-have... The LAST WORD... Whether we like it or not! ALWAYS" Watch the Hopi Prophecy... A few times... There's A LOT going on here Then go on YouTube and... Watch Mother Nature in action... Whipping ALL our sorry asses! We've been asking for it... And now we're getting it! With no end in sight <<< >>>

HERBIE HANCOCK - the "Imagine Project" - Album Released 2010 Sadly... OUR little world... And the BIG world... Is a total mess... And getting worse by the minute! But it doesn't have to be that way. Many musicians and other artists... Have shown us a different way NO, not for ALL the time... But for those special... Stolen... Moments Where we live differently... In love... And in the Light... For a little while... As John Lennon and Herbie Hancock and his Fellow Artists... Are showing us here We can do better! <<< >>> That's it for now. Hope you enjoy everything! Comment on the various Dropbox links if you feel like it. If you'd like more links, tell me what you like ... and don't like. I've got LOTS. I love sharing these amazing clips! There's so much music/info/noise out there. I like focusing on the best. I watch and re-watch and play along with all that I'm sending you, over and other! It never gets "old" to me. Even more, it keeps my SOUL and my SPIRIT alive! Perhaps you could find a plastic wastebasket... With a SMOOTH and NO-SHARP-RIDGES bottom... To play along on... For now? You'll be surprised how good some of those wastebaskets can sound! Stay SAFE... Stay SMART and Stay STRONG j i m (aka d o n a t o) Music Lover... Drummer... Creativity Junkie... Wandering Teacher... And sometimes... Old Fart

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