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SACRED BLOODLINES and Mysteries of the Goddess

Venus/Aphrodite - LOVE Ceres/Demeter -- FERTILITY-HARVEST Juno/Hera -- MARRIAGE

Video-Presentation from... ROBERT SEPEHR -- Author-Producer-Anthropologist Specializing in Linguistics-Archaeology-Paleobiology

Check out his many BOOKS on Amazon and his YouTube Videos

This is DEEP stuff... from a Real (and proudly-unconventional) Scholar

SIP at first...

to get a Taste


when you're Ready

If you're a GODDESS

for sure

you'll EnJOY this amazing and perceptive info

which no doubt

will help you to add-to and manage

your GODDESS powers

If you're a "regular guy"

under the sway of a GODDESS

don't try to fight It

you have NO CHANCE

just EnJOY the ride

until you've been consumed!

For starters, watch the FIRST 11:28 minutes

of Robert's video...

for an excellent overview


Actually, watch and re-watch it a couple of times

at least

to "get" all that Robert is sharing with us

This scholastic-gem is like a multi-layered

and super-dense CARROT CAKE --

delicious every which way...

and best when savored slowly and completely

Keep chewing!

Note: Robert always starts his presentations

with a few minutes

of calming music and walking/sitting

in a beautiful and peaceful natural spot:

To calm the. body and mind and spirit

and to make them ready to receive

his information

ACTUALLY a good way for all of us

to start each day!

A little Yoga MEDITATION

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