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PAUL ERLING JOHNSON says: "Never be Afraid to be Terrified"

Updated: Jun 17

Watch THE SAILOR - a fascinating documentary of a LONG and EXCEPTIONAL LIFE... WELL-LIVED... VERY well-lived The life of PAUL ERLING JOHNSON... Sailor - Boat Designer - Boat Builder - Adventurer A true SPIRIT-WARRIOR ORIGINALLY -- he wanted to simply "get away" as many young people did when he was a young man and just getting-going AND how did THAT "work out" for him... would you say? are the best of us humans... built to GET AWAY -- to BE AWAY? or are we... at our best.... when we're TOGETHER with OTHER humans... sharing the Special Magic that's part of each of us think about it! and reflect on how PAUL decided the question my Sicilian / Italian mother -- Filomena passed on in 2013 at the age of 103 she was FINE until she had a "fall" at age 101... more of a sliding-down-and-not-able-to-get-back-up thing she ended up spending the last 18 months of her life... in a nursing home i visited her at least every-other-day i observed MANY old men... who were also living in the home at the time when i see the way Paul Johnson lived his final years / days i find it SO MUCH BETTER in SO MANY WAYS compared to what i observed in Mom's nursing home! perhaps you have some thoughts on this as well? if you've haven't visited a nursing home lately... i recommend doing so for TWO reasons... 1 - perhaps you can help to brighten the days of some people living there and 2 - perhaps you will gain some insights on how you'd like to spend YOUR final days i'm always eager to exchange emails i'm at:

Photo from Scuttlebutt Sailing News - of Paul Johnson - midlife

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