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DONATO'S Recipes and Cooking-Related Links -- what could be more CREATIVE & NECESSARY than Cooking?

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

I love to make stews in my fav DUXTOP 4.2 qt StewPot (AZ link below). Extended for DAYS with new, creative and tasty infusions and additions. It's almost like my creations are ALIVE? Well for sure, they keep ME alive and well-fed ALL the time. Just warm up your StewPot (if it's not too full -- we don't want to create MUSH from over re-heating). Or scoop up a bowl and mic it! Couldn't be easier - faster - cheaper - or healthier. Give it a shot! I'll be constantly adding my recipes to this part of my blog. Stay tuned. And don't be afraid to JUMP IN and EXPERIMENT for some Creative-Cooking-Fun!

here's what i mean by CREATIVE EXTENSIONS -- like a great JAZZ SOLO - that constantly creates new MAGIC - and goes and GOES! for example, the amazing SCOTT HAMLTION from the USA. his SOLOS are incredible. try to COOK like he plays -- every moment/bite an AMAZEMENT! you can do it! it's in the INGREDIENTS. and in the SpiritPower that's rushing through YOU. (don't think it's yours! you're just BORROWING / BEING GIFTED-WITH-IT for a little while.) the magic is there -- ALWAYS -- for EVERYONE! REACH for it! the worst it will do is to RUIN YOUR LIFE. then if you've got staying-power (like ME), you can "hit the reset button" and start again!

OK now to some BEANS. Canned are fine. But we can do better -- cooking with DRIED BEANS!

This is ALL you'll need to know. To get going. From the Bean Institute. For starters order 10# of their wonderful dried PINTO BEANS from AZ. Once cooked, you can add bacon and onions and spuds and chicken/pork/cod etc to get your first StewPot going! I'll be posting my fav recipes -- and Cooking-Discoveries -- right here on my blog. So we can all learn -- and progress -- together.

And here's a link to Bean Institute -- the Mother Lode of beaniness! Grown with LOVE and PRIDE in the USA. Support our American farmers! They've fed US and much of the rest of the WORLD for generations. Maybe it's time for US to return the favor -- given the wild and insane times we're now living through?

Check out their COOK WITH BEANS section. To get started. (I prefer their "Traditional Four-Step Method".)

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