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(Rev 9/23) DONATO'S Cooking-Related Links -- what could be more CREATIVE & NECESSARY than Cooking?

Updated: Sep 18

I love to make stews in my fav DUXTOP 4.2 qt StewPot... on top of my wonderful PORTABLE DUXTOP INDUCTION STOVE... (AMAZON purchasing links below) extended for DAYS with new, creative and tasty INFUSIONS and ADDITIONS! JUST like the American Iroquois Indians did in their communal pots in their L O N G bark-covered houses It's almost like my creations are ALIVE? Well for sure, they keep ME alive and well-fed ALL the time. Just warm up your StewPot (if it's not too full -- we don't want to create MUSH from over re-heating). Or scoop up a bowl and mic it! Couldn't be easier - faster - cheaper - or healthier. Give it a shot! Stay tuned. i'll be linking to some outstanding recipes - from outstanding cooks - from time to time I've learned -- i'd rather play my DRUMS and work on my BLOG and do my "WANDERING TEACHER" thing - than cook! ALSO my wife WILL NOT EAT STEWS - fresh or extended. So I'm STUCK SO -- follow my links to some truly GREAT cooks -- and "see how it fits" As has been said -- "if it ain't fun - don't do it!" that's how i live anymore -- i highly recommend it! Always STAY LOOSE and STAY FLEXIBLE you might surprise yourself with something better!

Here's what i meant above by "CREATIVE INFUSIONS and ADDITIONS" -- like a great JAZZ SOLO - that constantly creates new MAGIC - moment by MOMENT! For example, the amazing SCOTT HAMLTION from the USA and ELIA BASTIDA from Barcelona Their SOLOS and DUET are incredible -- you'll see -- just like a one-pot meal that gets better day after day... with "ripening" in the 'fridge and with new additions NOTE -- Elia was 23 when she recorded this great song ("The Nearness of You" from 1937 - Music by Hoagy Carmichael and Lyrics by Ned Washington) -- she started playing the violin at age 3 -- so by the time of this performance -- she'd been playing publicly and/or on stage for TWENTY YEARS Try to COOK like Scott and Elia play -- every moment/bite an AMAZEMENT! You can do it! It's in the INGREDIENTS. AND in the SpiritPower that's rushing through YOU. (don't think it's yours! you're just BORROWING / BEING GIFTED-WITH-IT for a little while.) The magic is there -- ALWAYS -- for EVERYONE! REACH for it! the worst it will do is to RUIN YOUR LIFE. then if you've got staying-power (like ME), you can "hit the reset button" and start again!

And here are some OUTSTANDING YouTube Recipes from a REAL cook -- BOB at SCHNELL LECKER (meaning "QUICK - DELICIOUS) and AMAZON links to an excellent POT and PORTABLE INDUCTION RANGE BOB is the Real Deal -- Subscribe to him -- Follow him -- on YouTube! He LIVES to COOK! He LOVES to COOK! And to SHARE his Recipes with the World! He'll supply you with ENDLESS "QUICK and DELICIOUS" recipes... to use with your POT and STOVE and to keep EVERYONE happy and fully and healthfully fed!

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